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The Telltale signs that he is interested to be with you more than a friend

The Telltale signs that he is interested to be with you more than a friend

Usually, women are not so expressive to express their interest in guys but figure out a guy in a relationship is easiest than women. When you are drawn to a guy and unsure about whether he is being happy with you as a friend or more than a friend, there are few steps to determine it. But be sure to take the risk whether you want to know the truth about his feelings towards you without destroys your friendship relation.

Know the following signs and implement to know he is secretly likes you more than a friend.

He steals a glance by constant looking

Have you ever noticed that he suddenly stopped staring at you since you have seen his actions towards you? Have you noticed he doesn’t face the eyes of any other girls but he is used to face your eye attention hundred times within an hour? Find answers for the before questions, understand his daring to meet your eyes.

These will helps you to know does he like me more than a friend check him as by shift your attention to other direction and suddenly turns. Then check whether he is quick to change his attention on other things when you caught her attention towards you.

When he will be an initiator for only you

If a guy likes you and wishes to be more than a friend with you, he always did all possible things to make your attention on him. Also, he pays special attention to know entire things about you how as he can, he will become a sudden comedian to make you smile. He used to initiate your conversations and tends to make it longer to spend time to know your interest. He may be used to play by calling you just to hear your hello and bring off the call.

he is secretly likes you

Know his Attention and nerves

If a guy pays special and constant attention when you are talking and remembering each word of your conversation have the interest to be more than a friend with you. Check if your guy gets distracted on other things and other person and know whether he is being nerves to see at every meeting.

Listen to the way he is presenting himself to you and treat you as like a precious for him.  When a guy doesn’t shy to make physical contact with you, clears the sign as he has the interest to be more than a friend.

Feeling jealous about you

If you ever notice, when a guy defines your changes on physical appearance and inner health, he has the best thing to know about you then ask yourself as are we more than friends. You may have differentiation in a smile as fake and true when a guy can differentiate your smile will know about you thoroughly. Notice when you speak with another guy, a guy accompanied with you gets jealous it because he has some passiveness on you.